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Ever since we launched QuizFunnels…the internet marketing world was taken by storm!! Without realizing, we transformed the way money is made online using trailblazing marketing technology.
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QuizFunnels is undoubtedly the most engaging and interactive platform for eCommerce, it is hyper persuasive and converts visitors into buyers and rave customers in no time!!
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Quiz Templates
The thought of being a quizmaster can be exciting, but the excitement tends to fizzle out when you get down to the task of preparing a quiz design all by yourself!! It can get extensively time consuming and tiring for you to get a perfectly formatted quiz to offer!!

To simplify the process for you, we are letting you choose from our proven tested library of over 30+ proven quiz templates such as Health, Product Services, Relationship, Business & consulting and more!
Video Questions
Video alone can generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined!! It is also responsible for 80% increase in conversions. At that rate, you cannot afford to ignore the superpower of video in your quizzes! Add video questions to your quizzes and take your Quiz to the next level...

You can setup Video questions and create unique quizzes which can attract and entertain your quiz takers.
Pop up Quizzes
Make sure that no user misses your quizzes!! Use our embed code to make a quiz popup when a page loads, when a user tries to leave, when they click a link, after a certain amount of time…and more!! Instead of outdated popups that ask for your email ID, offer a personalized value on your website, blog or eCommerce store!

Captivate with fade ins, bounce ins, slide ins and endless animation options to ensure your quiz gets their attention.
Custom Branding
If you sell quizzes as a service, you can tailor them to make them look like your own! That way your clients will never know that you are using QuizFunnels, thereby diverting all those quiz-hungry buyers to you!

You can add your own logo and brand and they are none the wiser, making sure your business integrity is secure.
Here's the thing...
When you read or hear something, you're likely to remember only 10% of that it three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, you’ll be able to retain 65% of it three days later.
Not just that…Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts and the attention rate of your targeted audiences increases by up to 67%.
Clearly visual content is a CRUCIAL part of any successful marketing campaign… and there’s no reason why you should be missing out!
QuizFunnels LITE brings you the unique opportunity of using imagery as part of your quizzes!
Now in place of boring old text, create and add image in quizzes as Questions & Answers!!
Intrigued? Have a look at it yourself!
It is correctly said that A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words and it is this invocatory trait in images we have employed to bring you the kind of leads that will break down your doors!!
In QuizFunnels LITE we have designed a system to turn your quizzes into evergreen cash cows!! I'm not kidding!!!
Imagine being able to create and upload exquisite high quality images both as questions and answers!!! Not only will you be crafting a very unique space for yourself in the market with this out of the box system, but you will be attracting leads like bees to honey!!
People LOVE engaging in the new and unexplored! If it's new they want to try it, and if they like it, they'll do anything to share it and make it go viral!!
Once your visitors notice the attractive glossy looking images as part of the quiz, they will be compelled to take your quiz! This new interface is designed to wow!!
They will happily part with their email addresses and what's more, it's guaranteed that they'll share it with their friends too!!
And that creates a marketing bonanza that you'd be crazy to ignore!!!
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